Wall & Floor Tiling

We can tile almost any surface and enjoy doing so with a smile. A well tiled area is the first feature to be noticed and initial impressions can last a long time. Whether the surface you are tiling is for a makeover, facelift or for adding personality to a new home, a quality finish will stand the test of time and will provide the aesthetic value that your home rightfully deserves.

We care about your wall and floor tiling requirements and believe proper diligence is key. Our difference lies in our top-notch craftsmanship and our wealth of experience. We have knowledge in laying all types of tiling materials including large format porcelain tiles, mosaic tiles, marble, travertine, and more. We can also supply tiles to suit your project.

Commercial Tiling

Pante Tiling Group offer complete commercial tiling services – for both large and small commercial tiling projects. We acknowledge the fact that Commercial Tiling is a big investment and needs to be done accurately the very first time, with no room for mistakes. We train our staff exclusively to get professional results. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the commercial tiling space and can assist with most commercial tiling projects, including:

  • Tiling All Types of Tiles
  • Indoor & Outdoor Tiling
  • Tiling Walls & Floors
  • Waterproofing Wet Areas
  • Screeding
  • And More

Stone Specialists

Pante Tiling Group specialise in installing the finest and most trusted stone varieties available. Natural stone tiles are unique, having been created by nature no two pieces are exactly the same. Natural Stone has been used in home design since the Roman era Their timeless and unique appearance is why they are a favourite choice for designers and architects. For floors and walls there is a variety of beautiful natural stone finishes to choose from. Whether it’s marble, Travertine, sandstone, granite or a detailed mosaic that will be unique only to you, we’re the team strong enough to handle any task. Our team has worked on many commercial and residential high-end projects where stone has been featured. We pride ourselves on providing great stone work and can work with you from start to everlasting grandeur finish.

Bathroom Renovations

Renovate your bathroom with Pante Tiling Group and enjoy that unbeatable feeling that comes with fresh and well-designed craftsmanship. We source high quality tiles that suit the style and character of your bathroom and your home. Whether it be big or small, you can count on us for quality and affordability. At Pante Tiling Group, we take great pride in walking our clients through the process and ensuring a collaborative approach for the best end result.

Tile Removal

Pante Tiling Group are your tile removal experts who specialise in removing any and every kind of tile in the market.

Upon removing the tiles it is crucial to remove the adhesive, glues and bonding agents that are under the tiles. Our team work to ensure this step is not missed, leaving the slab smooth and ready for the next finish. Our lengthy experience and renowned expertise, along with the use of the best industry equipment, will ensure an effortless process from the moment you pick up the phone, engage our team all the way through to the completion of our work. Apart from tiles, we also remove grout and screed, and pride ourselves in our ability to leave a clean worksite upon completion.


Waterproofing is crucial to protect a surface from water damage. If not done properly this can result in ongoing issues that can be troublesome to repair. A thorough waterproofing service is a vital component in a well tiled wall or floor.

When working with Pante Tiling Group, we reduce the risk of structural damage that can occur due to deterioration and mould from water leaks. Experience and know-how are required when preparing the surface, applying the membrane, applying the appropriate number of coats, knowing how long to let those coats dry between screed and coats as well as ensuring enough area is covered around the wet areas. This is where our experience enables us to get the job done exceptionally every time.

Our waterproofing services extend to screeding of showers, bases, balconies and other wet areas. At Pante Tiling Group we use the best quality materials and precise application, so you can sleep easy knowing your surfaces will last for years to come.

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